Running into 2022

‘Imagine who you could be, and then aim single-mindedly at that’ is the name of the second chapter of Jordan B. Peterson’s book ‘Beyond Order’, which was published in March 2021. The chapter also accurately summarises the lesson I learnt from running my first marathon. I imagined crossing the finish line and single-mindedly aimed for it.

In the month prior to the marathon I changed my training schedule, my diet and my sleepcycle all for the better. The changing schedule was to maximise my race day performance, but would have never happend if it wasn’t for the marathon. It evidently showed me what is possible when you have a clearly defined goal and the right mindset to back it up.

The race was tough, but worth every single second of training. The greatest thing about it was to be surrounded by like minded people who all have the same goal, literally. I ended up finishing the marathon in 4 hours and 7 minutes. While still riding that high of finishing a 42 kilometer foot race, I decided to run two more marathons in the next year and couldn’t be more excited.

During the race I had plenty of time to think about the year of training that preceded the marathon. I thought about the times I didn’t want to run but did it anyway. Those days are usually the most fulfilling ones. I also asked myself what would my life look like if I tackled every challenge with this same attitude?

That attitude is exactly what I will bring from 2022 onwards. The goals are defined and I will aim single-mindedly for it. I’m motivated, ready to run the race and cross the finish lines.